68th Republic Day

Here we are celebrating our 68th Republic Day!!

Just watched the Republic Day Parade. I was mesmerized by the coordination and discipline military regiments and especially, the Shwet Ashva showed….Just Love it and Proud to be an Indian. 

All the states showcased their culture. All the military regiments were showcasing their achievements. The tableau of all the states… 😍😍👌🇮🇳… Then the policies running in India were highlighted through the parade. Many students were honoured with the National Bravery Award… I simply salute their spirit and bravery. The flypast of aircrafts was like a cherry on the cake. How the pilots managed to drive them in such a bad weather!! 👏😘

A lot has been achieved….A lot has to be achieved yet. But we are progressing in that direction and soon will be among the strongest and developed countries of the world. 

Looking forward for the development of my country. 

Happy Republic Day. Salute! Proud to be an Indian. 

Jai Hind!! 🇮🇳🇮🇳


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