We all have become so busy with our so-called settled lives that we don’t want to adapt or explore new things. We feel that we don’t need any change and what we are doing is enough for us. 
But is it really so? Have you explored your true self? Are you happy and contented with yout existing life? Don’t you want to adapt yourself to new things and search for more you need to? 

Instead of being finicky, be messy, be weird. Explore your true self. Discover your inner self. Discover your talent. Discover new sources of happiness. Discover new ways of being crazy. Discover you goals. Discover your life you are meant to live. 

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it. 


You deserve to give yourself a chance to discover who you really are. 

Come on! This new year, discover something new to fill those empty 365 pages. 



3 thoughts on “Discover

  1. Well said. I hope you are looking forward to a new year of Discovery as much as I am. For me especially within these upcoming next six months I know that I have a lot left to discover here, in high school but that after that as well there will be so many new roads left for me to take and to discover this poem sits with me really closely in my life right now.

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