Mother means shield 

When we talk about the word ‘protection’, what comes first to our mind? For me, it’s Mom. Whenever I hear this word, it reminds me of all the mothers on this planet, whether human, animal or a bird. Mom is mom. She is always there yo protect us from any danger, from any mishap, from our mistakes. She is the shield around us which keeps us guarding from the evils around us. 

No matter how you behave with her, she will never leave your hand. She might seem to be very calm amd shy, but when it comes to her child, she can become Goddess Durga. 

This is to say thank you to every mother on this earth for being there for us whenever we needed them, for beshielding us, for loving us, and moreover, for making us a good human being. 

For:Creativity Challenge 29


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