Moody: Talking about me? 

Well, I am quite happy with today’s prompt- Moody. It’s so me🙈. I can write a complete essay on it…no..actually on me…. No no, I am not going to write it right now😂. I can write a complete essay on myself being moody. 😂
A moody person is one who is temperamental, have frequent changes in mind. So here I am…The Moody Girl. 

I am temperamental…can’t tolerate nonsense for a long. But I think I am right at that point because one should not tolerate this even. Some people have a stupendous ability to irritate others. They always repeat what people don’t want to hear. They always keep ‘advising’ others… giving frivolous advices. This absurdity makes me annoyed…and people think I am moody.

Well it’s also right at a point because when I am exhausted, I often react in a manner I shouldn’t have😐. But people just don’t understand that they should not irritate me when I am in no mood to digest that. They keep on coughing out the absurdity of their mouths. 

Today I wanna tell them that….Dear people, I don’t need your sympathy and words to heal me..I need your presence and silence by my side caring for me. Please never take my words seriously which I yell..coz I never mean them. I love you for being with me..but don’t like your intrusive behaviour. 

Do you also had an experience like this when people keep on irritating you?


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