A tribute to Nirbhaya… 

Just four years have passed to that threatening day when a girl was brutally raped and left naked on the road to die. Exactly 4 years ago from now, a girl was driven in bus alongwith her friend for the sake of helping them. But after a few minutes, those 6 inhumans started teasing her. She and her friend fought, fought and fought for their lives…but they were beaten with rods..their heads were smashed on the seats and the girl was brutally gangraped. Her friend tried a lot to save her dignity, but all in vain. Those 6 devils crossed all the limits of humanity and threw them on the road, all naked. The thought, itself, is so maddening that I just can’t imagine how can a person downgrade himself to such a level that even animals would shy upon. 

Her friend, completely injured, somehow managed to take her to the hospital. She wanted to live her dream. She wanted to become a doctor…..but she and her dreams were brutally crushed beneath the cruelty of insanes. 

This was not the end. She didn’t lose her hope and fought till the end. Though for a few days, but she united our so-called society and forced the administration to think about the worsened condition of law and order. It was her bravery that made India proud of her. She died but she kindled the candle of respect and justice among us. 

She was “NIRBHAYA” She was and she is an inspiration. She taught us to LIVE OUR DREAMS TILL THE LAST BREATH OF LIFE. 

Now, after 4 years of that incident, things have not changed much. The brutality, the insanity, the inhumanity against women is same. Every single day there is a new case of a girl being raped. The administration seems helpless. 

The essence of message has vanished…It seems that the mentality of people hasn’t changed..we have to rise from the level of ‘below the ground’ to a level at which women can freely move on the roads without a tension of being molested.

Realize the mistake. Rise your level. React against the wrongs. Revive the old harmless era.

It’s my tribute to Nirbhaya today for her bravery, for her persistence and for her love for her dreams!


8 thoughts on “A tribute to Nirbhaya… 

  1. This is a wonderful tribute. The world is unsafe for girls and women and humanity is taking too long to rise up, which is what we are here on earth to do. Thank you for this, to remind us of the horrors that so many are living every day.

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