Life & conundrums continued… 


This C is a puzzle..always need to be solved. Whatever you do..from shopping to your career…it’s all about choice.

I like to read inspirational things…either on pinterest or on google…I use them to feel strong and decide my path. Once I read that..

Psychology says, always go with the choice that scares you the most because that’s the one which is going to help you grow.

As every person has his own different thoughts, so it totally depends on him what he is going to choose: a way which is too easy to be followed or a way which is too difficult to be followed. If you ask me, then I will always choose the difficult one because it will make me strong enough(also it’s fun to be different😉 because everyone can follow the easy one).

Which path will you choose for the journey of your life?..because it’s all about the journey, not the destination..!!!😊😇⭐


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