Life & conundrums

Conundrum- a difficult choice to be made…Doesn’t it resemble life? Because life is all about making choices, rather tough choices. Life is like a brain teaser; if you find the answer, everything is simple but if don’t, it gets complicated. 

Talking about myself, I always had a tough choice on whether to follow my dreams or my parents’. My parents wanted me to become a doctor and I wanted to be in a field full of creativity. So, I chose to follow mine. Not because they were my dreams but because they were right for me. You might be wondering how did I know that they were right for me, right? The answer is quite simple. It’s because I followed my heart and intuition. 

Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places..but for that also you have to make choices. 

I believe that whatever you choose to do, do it with full zeal and happiness. If you don’t like it then change it, but if you can’t, stop complaining about it. After all, life is nothing but a matter of choices. 

Learn to live your present and make your choices based on present because past has gone and future hasn’t come. Ehat you have is only your present, so make its every moment worth remembering. 

Remember, life is what you make it!

What are your experiences with life and its conundrums? Do you praise them or regret over them? 


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