…and that’s my true friend! 

Friendship- Dictionary says a relationship between friends..but that’s it? Only a relationship is enough? What about that mutual trust, support and strength? Are these things not worthy of being counted in the elements of friendship? Actually these combined together are friendship. Relationship is just an other word to refer to. 

We have a tendency to make friends wherever we go, no matter they are compatible to us or not. That’s why, our social circle is so ‘big’. We make unknown persons our friend on FB &  then show it off(Look man! I have 1000+ friends on FB and so on.). But just wait for a while and think, how many of them are real friends? To how many people you can go for sharing your problems and expect a solution in return? How many of them will stand by you in your bad times? You will find hardly a person or some more if  you are lucky. See! out of 1000+ friends, you have only 5-10 true friends. That’s the only reason people say… Think before doing friendship and once you do, don’t think before proving it. 

Having a million friends is not a miracle. Miracle is having a one who will stand by you when millions are against you. 👭😊

A best friend is that who knows exactly what you are thinking by just having a glance at your face. A friend who understands your tears is more valuable than many friends who know your smile.

 Friendship doesn’t mean that we always stay together. It means that we are apart and nothing changes. 

So, instead of making more friends, make a friend for whom you can say, “That’s my true friend.”

I dedicate this post to my friends who always support me in my problems. Thank you all. 😘😊
What are your views on friendship? Do you also have a friend like that? 


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