Everyone get good marks, I don’t. I’m worthless.

We often end up making this perception when we are unable to get good marks but, are those mere sheets of paper really going to decide our fate? Are they going to decide whether we are intelligent or dumb? Why we people give so much importance to marks and not to the quality education?


I always used to think that what matters is your knowledge(in whatever field that fascinates you) but seeing the trend, I realized that I was wrong! I’ve made a grave mistake by ignoring the importance of so-called “marks & grades” because anywhere you go, people ask only about your marks, especially your “too-concerned” relatives(‘Orr beta, kaise marks aaye?’, ‘OMG! Itne kam number??’, ‘Beta kya karne ka socha hai aage…number nahi laaoge to kaamyaab kaise banoge?’). After listening to this bullshit, I always wonder “Why these people are so concerned about my future…Don’t they have any more important issue to discuss upon or am I a gossip material for them?” In childhood, I used to study a lot for getting good marks but as I grew up, I realized the importance of knowledge over marks(but who tell those so concerned relatives :/). We have become so obsessed with this concept of  getting good marks that we have lost our intelligence & our ability to relate everything with logic. We are just in a rat race, nothing else. Okay fine, for one second, let’s just accept this concept of ‘good marks’ and the fact that they decide our success but what about those successful persons who didn’t get good marks? Bill Gates is a college dropout and never got good marks during his whole school life but now, he is  the owner of Microsoft company; Steve Jobs, another college dropout, founded Apple Inc.; Richard Branson, a high school dropout, founded Virgin Group; Mark Zuckerburg, Sachin Tendulkar, Rachel Ray, Michael Dell, Albert Einstein, Larry Ellison and many more are in this list. The things they all have in common are their smartness and excellence in their respective fields. Exams test us in those fields which we don’t want to learn and that’s the biggest stupidity, actually. Why should we learn those things which we don’t want to or we simply hate them. It’s just ridiculous. Talking about myself, apart from studies, I like drawing a lot but due to the pressure of getting “good” marks, I can’t spare time to do that.

Instead of running behind the marks, we should grab knowledge from wherever we can because life is too short to be anything but happy. I am not saying that don’t study but, study in limits so that your mind does not get burst with the pressure of the hypocrisy of our system.

In the end, I would just say that grades are temporary, education is permanent. Don’t get so much lost in getting good marks that you forget how to live.I hope my words will move you.

If you have also suffered the same kind of torture, don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.


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