-Chantal Petitclerc
MOTIVATION- a word, we often refer to strive to achieve our goals. But what does this word actually mean and how does it help us?
M=MAGNIFICENT. Motivation is exceptional in its nature. It allows us to act in a way that will help us achieve our goals.
O=OPTIMISTIC. Motivation is an optimistic approach. It propels us towards our goals.
T=TRUST. Motivation allows us to trust ourselves that we can complete the task.
I=INSPIRATIONAL. Motivation is inspirational in itself. It inspires us to perform an action which will lead us to our goal.
V=VITALITY. Motivation energizes us to develop ourselves and to achieve the goal.
A=ASSERTIVENESS. It rouses a sense of assertion in a person for the successful completion of a task.
T=TIMELINESS. It incites timeliness in a person so that we can achieve our goal without any delay.
I=IMPROVEMENT. It helps us to improve our self-efficacy and the ability to perform a task by propelling towards the goal.
O=OVERCOME. It helps us to overcome our weaknesses which cease us to achieve the goals.
N=NURTURE. It nurtures us as an individual and incites us towards the goal.
This is what we call MOTIVATION !
I hope this will motivate you for your goals.

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